Cultural Motivations: Reasons A Tourist Travel?

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Tourism can be defined as a temporary movement of people to travel to places outside their living environment for leisure, business or other purposes and they will take on the facilities and services during their stay in those destinations to meet their needs. Because of that, the tourism industry today has become one of the most important industries for almost all the countries and this is because of the tremendous mobility of people and the surge of flow of foreign currency into the countries. Every single country in the world makes a great emphasis on the tourists attractions development to attract the tourists in order to boost the economy of all the countries efficiently. Nevertheless, what are the motives that make tourists travel? Since ancient times, there are many arguments about the tourist motivations but the social element will be the main element that motive people to travel. The social element widely explains that it has a great influence to motive a tourist travel. It is always can make tourists want to escape everything temporarily from their daily routines, without any worries and they will return to their usual environment when they already find out what they want from the journey. According to the study of Crompton, 1979, explains the tourist motivations is one of the factors that make tourists travel and it is a key factor to compel and impel force all the tourist behavior. There are two types of tourist motivations which are cultural motives: new and

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