Cultural Patterns In Thai Culture

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Every culture has shared beliefs, values, norms, and social practices that ultimately lead to a typical type of behavior among the people of that specific culture. This type of behavior is known as a cultural pattern. Cultural patterns are the basic guide to how humans think and behave within their own culture. The patterns vary immensely from culture to culture which may lead to barriers to communication. When a foreigner is unfamiliar with a particular cultural pattern, barriers to communication may arise. (p.78-79)
Florence Kluckhohn and Fred Strodtbeck were cultural anthropologist who created a theory of value orientations within a culture. Together they came up with conclusions for the idea that, within every culture there are individuals
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The first orientation by Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck that I am going to discuss is Social Relations Orientations. The social relations orientation describes how the people in a culture organize themselves and relate to one another. This orientation focuses on social superiority, how people relate to others, and how roles are defined and allocated. The question that I will be discussing is- How are gender roles defined within the Thai culture? (p.91) Although the nation was previously known for the mistreatment of women, Thailand is an increasingly progressive nation when it comes to gender roles. In 1997, there was a new constitution that was written that granted equality for both men and women. (Romanow, p.44) Women have jobs in politics, medicine, science, and engineering. Depending on…show more content…
With Christianity being the most popular religion being practiced in the united states, many individuals see themselves as separate from nature. Christian beliefs are taught that we are separate from nature and that we should be taking care of the earth and tending to it’s need. By putting a separation between ourselves and nature, Americans may not feel obliged to respect nature and all of it’s resources. Although in modern times we can see parallels between the Thai and American cultures thoughts towards nature, there are large differences between the two. I believe that the outlooks on nature are from both countries are so vastly different due to the differences in religions being practiced. There are several problems in communication that could arise because of these differences. For example, a Thai person may become offended if they were to see a person from an American culture disrespecting nature by being extremely wasteful. From the other point of view, Americans may feel confused as to why Thai people treat nature the way that they do. This may cause misunderstanding while communicating with one

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