Standards Of History

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History and the different standards of time has a relevancy for history is slightly different for every time period. The question being asked: Should key events in historical development of AOK always be judged by the standards of their time? To answer this question, we must understand the key words in this question, which are historical development and standards of time.. A brief definition for standard of time would be the living conditions of the society in a specific time period. As for historical development, a brief definition would be the way history is developed. Through the areas of knowledge Mathematics, Science, History, and Human Sciences, I will extract evidence from these different areas of knowledge to demonstrate how the standards…show more content…
So as time goes on , both the social norms and the standards of time are in sync. The social norms are constantly changing as time goes on and so are the standards of time, so subsequently, it will affect how people think. One might say the social norm stay the same throughout the history, so the standards of time to judge historical development does not change. One evidence that supports this would be that one of the main social norms men works while women stays home has been the same for a long time and even till now. Yet, it clearly does change a lot in more specific social norms as we celebrate new things and the improvement of the standards of our daily lives. For example, in the past of China, wives and husbands are likely to be picked by the parents; now, people are free to choose their mates as they wish. Just as mathematics from the past has and is continuously evolving from the math created by the ancient Greeks. From the past till now, long periods have passed and the development of mathematics has been improved with new and better theories and equations. So in this case, it can be seen that social norms do change overtime, thus affecting people’s perspectives. However, there are time when both side can be taken into account; for example, social norms might have little or no affects on people’s perspectives toward historical events. The development of society is based on the history.The development of history are altered by the mistakes of past textbooks, building constructions, past equatiions and many more. Therefore, it can be seen that people from different time periods have different perspectives as they do alter things that do not fit the way the think, and even the truths are constantly changing as time goes on.
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