Cultural Propropriation: The Act Of Appropriation In Music

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A study shows appropriation as the action of taking exclusive possession of a cultural appropriating dominant cultural element. Yet, the act of appropriation can be placed into four categories cultural exchange, dominance, exploitation, and transculturation. As cultural exchange transform into transculturation, it is a part of appropriation which it involved taking elements from multiple culture. By circulating into different cultures, creating and exchanging into a new form of identity or new culture which everyone enjoy (Rogers, 2006). Transpacific culture in the music world is known as fusion music we hear today. Fusion music, similarly it means by combining 2 or more genres of music into one. Mostly referred to Jazz fusion developed in the 1960s, the mix of funk and rhythm-and-blues rhythms together (Abjorensen, 2017). It is a form of an In the western music world, there is always the argument of appropriation in many music videos. Nevertheless in the themes, clothes, accessories, decorations and tones used in the video or sung by celebrities. To pinpoint cultural appropriation, given the example of a celebrity Katy Perry, which many has given the singer a title of being called “pop music’s queen of appropriation.” The reason is because her music videos and performance are usually related to using theme, clothing and the music from other culture in her song. Some of the well known musical appropriation topic among the internet would be Katy Perry’s “Dark horse” music

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