Cultural Proximity And Globalization

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Promotion of Cultural Proximity and Globalization:
Inspire of geographical barriers to human proximity, the media and information technologies promote interaction between different cultures of the world. With state of the art communication technologies the media have reduced the distance between the ends of the world. Nations and people of the world are increasingly interconnected and mutually interdependent. Events taking place in any remote location can instantly be reported all over the world. In so doing, they make it possible for people to learn more about other people and different cultures. Obviously, we acquire lots of knowledge about other people, and share in their experiences through the media, beyond the boundaries our scope would carry us, and vice versa. Mass Media Tools for Acculturation and Diffusion:
Mass media instruments facilitate cultural interaction across the globe. Such cultural interaction promotes acculturation and diffusion. This is done through the performance of its three major functions via: Surveillance of the environment; correlation of different parts and elements of the society and transmission of culture from one generation to another, (Lass well ). In the surveillance function, the mass media show us what is happening not only within our own culture but in other societies as well. Much of what we know about the world comes from what we learn from the media through the process of surveillance. Surveillance function is divided into two:
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