Xenophobia In The 19th Century

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In 21th century, Europe reshaped politically, culturally and economically. With the 9/11 attack and the chaos in Middle East that associated with Arab Spring, xehophobia and racism arose in that century. This racism showed itself in political and social areas in Europe as cultural and religious discrimination, intolerance of foreigners. With leading Syria crisis, fleeing people to Europe are exposed to violance and racial discrimination. Xenophobic and racist language became popular in Europeans’ daily life. That systematically expanded whole Europe and American Continent. The operations and the attacks realized against the groups which are migrants, asylum seekers, and minorities. Europeans have fear about lose their cultural and national identity. The terrorist attacks and the migration flows brought the waking up racism. European Union took precaution with some bodies and
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Europeans see those people that are occupants into society and cultural environment. Xenophobic groups in Europe demand to preserve their culture from foreigners to be a member of European Union On the other hand, with the rising of terrorist attacks across the Europe appear Islamophobia. The mainstream discourse is that Islam is a violant religion and Muslims are violant people. Therefore, many Europeans saw the Muslims as potential terrorists and they refuse the sharing the same place with them. Traditional fascist parties and extremist parties on Europe use this xenophobic and racist language in order to rise its votes and to exclude them from political areas. The fascist parties have a general windows embraced a huge church membership against Islam, a broad ideological frame which are fascist, racist, xenophobes. They used the language of tradition and nation sovereignty rather than brotherhood, fatherland. These groups act regardless democracy and human
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