Cultural Reflection In My Language: Intercultural Communication In My Eyes

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Intercultural Communication In My Eyes This semester, I chose the intercultural communication course. I think this course sounds like an interesting subject. In my opinion, cultural differences are reflected in every aspect. However, with the development of economic globalization, we must communicate with the outside world. At this point, it is important to understand different cultures. Cultural differences are big to international, small to personal. As far as I am concerned, I deeply appreciate the deep feeling brought about by cultural differences. I was born in Datong Shanxi, and lived in that city for fourteen years. Then, for some reasons, I moved to another northern city, Tianjin. Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, with the two…show more content…
Tianjin people are more straightforward, they often think of what to say, not too much to consider the feelings of others. Later, after college, I came to Sichuan, a southern city, with many different ways of life before me. In addition to social style, there are still language, life, customs and other obstacles. I even don 't understand what the teachers and students are saying. Most of the students around my dorm are from the south, and I 've heard a lot of their own opinions about the north as I get along with them. For example, some students from Sichuan would ask me, "do you have something delicious in the north? I think it tastes terrible." And the students will tell me that they think the northerners are very standard Mandarin. It sounds like a TV play. They think that all northerners speak in a tone. But actually, I know in the north, there are many differences even in different cities in the north. Similar in principle, came to the south before I heard the Southern food is delicious, many people say that Sichuan is the land of abundance, live here will not want to leave. However, I really came to the south to experience something that I could

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