Cultural Reflection Paper

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I think the culture and kind of people you grew up with and around shape who we are immensely and influence our beliefs and bias. Even though most form their own opinions and morals we grow older we still have cognitive bias that we were born and raised with. Our culture makes us who we are, it is the foundation that our lives were built on even before we were born. Saying this there are so many different cultures and with this comes different experiences and bias for each one. The culture I grew up with and around was the traditional southern baptist culture which is a culture with very distinct beliefs and values. Any culture I think shapes your perspective on everything but especially any culture that is mostly rooted in religion. This culture shaped my perspectives from the start and they were the same as my parents and everyone else I was around. As I have grown older that has changed. I have developed my own opinions and ideology for different things but the fundamentals from what I grew up in and will continue to grow up around will stay with me. I think the southern culture sometimes gets put on as something that it is not, but it is what has taught me to respect everyone, to value family and friends over anything, it has taught me to take responsibility for me, and cherish the small thing in life. All cultures are different and with that different morals and experiences growing up and in daily life. In the past few weeks we have learned about a multitude of

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