Cultural Relativism: Aayush Bansal

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Aayush Bansal
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Cultural Relativism
Personality traits are found to be different in each and every part of world. It has been found out that people living in different areas of the world would have different traits according to the region they are living. Difference on the basis on food, clothing, way of talking and entertainment are one the major ones being visible all over the world.
I am from northern part of India and I would
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God fearing- It has been found that the people of north Indians are very superstitious regarding their culture and have a fear in their regarding various laws which use to exist 1000 of years ago and try to follow each one of it till date.

3. Democratic- In spite of people of different caste, religion, and race we all believe in democracy as best form of government which leads to equal participation of people.

4. Guest respect- Guest is treated to be god in our culture and make our test effort in order to make him comfortable at the time he/she visits us. It is considered to be very important in our culture.

5. Adjustable- As most of the people in our country are salary owner so adjustment is the most common thing with what people has to go throughout their life.

Personality traits of Vietnamese
1. Joke around- Vietnamese are fun loving people and like to joke around with people they know and try to increase the level of friendship with the help of it.

2. Energetic and hard working – They are regarded to be very hard working and try to make their best effort in order to achieve the goals which they have in the
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They are regarded to be long term which is generally from two to five years.

Three significant social trend of future 1. Medical improvements – As we all know that life is very important and curing it from various diseases is very important as it leads to death sometimes. Over the years there has been development in this field which has helped human being to a great extend which had been cured people from major diseases like cancer, Jaundice etc.

2. Sustainable development- Over the years there has been increase in the use of eco-friendly products which has played a major role in protecting the environment. The use of non-renewable resources has reduced which mostly leads to pollution. This is one of the major changes which took place and was very beneficial for environment.

3. Marrying Foreigners-Over the years there has been major increase in people who are marrying people of different nationalities. This is due to the greater and greater social acceptance which is taking place in the today’s world. But It has led to a major problem of increase in the divorce rate In various

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