Cultural Relativism And Feminism

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Discourse on Human Rights raised during a variety of violence, repression and harassment against human life surfaced in the history of mankind. Totalitarian regimes in the modern age are not much different from the pattern of medieval and primitive leadership. At that time, man becomes an object of exploitation by other human beings. In this review I will explain the relationship between cultural relativism and feminism according to article Cultural relativist and Feminist critiques of International Human Rights - Friends or Foes? By Oonagh Reitman. In the article gives an account of differences of opinion and the actions applied by both the perspective of the human rights of women. The article explained about the difference of opinion between cultural relativism towards feminism, this happens by inequality opinion submitted by both parties. Many differences make these two almost opposite perspective. Cultural relativism is a perspective who believes that culture is the source of all human rights. Culture is a community trust is a reliable source to become a pillar of human rights. Cultural relativism also believes that every country has different cultures and also will have a view of human rights that is different effect on each country. Feminism is a movement against the rejection of the views or suppression of women 's rights (Karen, 1988). Feminism is aware of the gender inequality in society and in the family, among others in the form of oppression and exploitation of
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