Cultural Resistance In Resistance Literature

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First Draft Resistance is when the colonized tries to defend themselves against the oppressor. It also may be considered as a means of objecting for those who are impotent. The presence of politics in literature was described as being “a pistol shot in the middle of a concert’ according to Stendhal. This description is completely applied on resistance literature which is considered a political activity. Barbara Harlow maintained in her book Resistance Literature that the writer and critic Ghassan Kanafani mentioned the term “resistance”, with reference to literature, for the first time in his study Literature of Resistance in Occupied Palestine: 1948-1966. Resistance literature is divided by critics according to the conditions under they were written into two categories: under occupation and in exile. Literature is characterized as “an arena of struggle.” (Harlow)…show more content…
It calls for justice and raises awareness of an issue, its aim is not sympathy or pity. Furthermore, it helps in forming identity. It can be expressed through literature, arts, theatre, posters, puppet shows and paintings that criticize the government. Resistance literature is a kind of cultural resistance in which the oppressed people try to combat the tyranny in their writings such as poems, novels and plays. It is also considered as a challenge to the imposed culture by the colonized. It is a means of protest for those who are powerless. It shows the suppressed spirit. Resistance literature is an expression of rebellion and it can be represented in various

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