Cultural Self Analysis

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Recognising a cultural identity, cultural values and beliefs takes up an important part of ever-greater needs of the multicultural community within culturally diverse health care environment. Cultural value is a barometer of whether is right, wrong, acceptance and justice within specific society’s view. Each individual member of the community has tendencies to show respect and follows normative values sanctioned in the culture group (Spencer, 2012). The cultural beliefs can also be good examples of showing how the individuals from different culture processing ideas on health care service expectation, healthcare providers, and their levels of compliance for available care option (Dana, 1997, p.64). Above mentioned cultural concepts are crucial…show more content…
The family upbringing was very strict and preservative parenthood in catholic religion and community also have outdated ideas and conventional gender ideologies, which was the environmental setting that influenced me as a cultural self. Working as a nurse in multicultural health care setting, I do believe that these childhood experiences would help me to understand and communicate with the people those with stereotypes about gender roles and a pre-modern way of thinking and as well as the people with the new generation with different culture by catering patient oriented care, which can be a good value for health professionals working in culturally diverse health care settings. This would aid to establish rapport and provide culturally attentive care to the patient (Bok-Myung, 2010; Dreachslin, 2012). Moreover my family history and circumstances helped me to comprehend different cultural identities and values and also realise the needs of effective communication skills. In order to become a culturally competent health care professional in multicultural health care environment, “intercultural communication skills” is not only beneficial to enhance the communication gap between patients and practitioners in relation to current health care service and but also can be a successful management tool to alleviate work related stress for health professionals (Eubanks et al., 2010). Therefore, this cultural identity would be a valuable factor for a health care professional as the acceptance of other cultures and aware the difference of the specific culture is essential to provide optimum care for the best interests of the patient (Jeffreys,
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