Cultural Self Assessment Essay

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Cultural Self-Assessment As a human services major, I have learned to explore more about myself. I have learned about my values, and my belief system; in addition, I have become aware of my biases, flaws, and my internalized stereotypes and prejudices. As I go along with each one of my human services classes, I begin to learn more about myself. However, there is one thing that has not changed since before I got into this major, and that is, that there is always hope for people. For me, hope doesn’t come from religion, it could come from those around us, and even from within ourselves. Furthermore, I am highly aware that my upbringing, and culture have both influenced my aspects of life, people, and my belief system. However, I have also learned…show more content…
In a neighborhood like South Central, you see a lot of graffiti, and garbage on the streets; yet in a neighborhood like this, didn’t stop me from meeting people from different ethnic backgrounds. I lived among many people from a Latin American background, and others who were African American. Furthermore, when I went to high school in Boyle Heights, I met people with an Asian, Armenian, and Caucasian background. It was different to see people from different ethnicities because of the unfamiliarity I had with their culture and belief system. However, the differences in our skin color, and language, did not stop me from being close friends with people of different racial backgrounds. Now, when I come across someone with a different skin tone, I do not become alarmed and my reaction does not change. My reaction to different races and ethnicities is not a surprised one, or demeaning one. During my internship, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a variety of ethnicities. Fortunately for me, I have learned to put aside skin color as a component to the treatment I give people. I tend to remind myself that we are all human, and color does not define us, and should not define us, because we are all born the same. Going to a school in a different neighborhood, helped me interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds, and it helped find the many similarities we had that weren’t based on skin
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