Cultural Sensitivity Among Expatriates

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The Definition of Cultural Sensitivity among Expatriates
Based on my understanding, the cultural sensitivity among expatriates are refers to the culture that need to be adapted by individual when go working at the outside country. That individual called as expatriate. Means, expatriates have to understand the culture of organization when they are going or were move to the firm that outside country. This is because, the culture at outside country are too different. That’s why expatriates have to understand and adapt their culture for make sure they are accepted by the local staff especially. There are many journal that I‘ve read about the culture sensitivity. Most of the journal share that expatriates are having problem at foreign country when
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One of the journal that I already read is ‘A Local Perspectives for Expatriates Success’, written by Soo Min Toh and Angelo S. Denisi. From this journal, I have detect that there are many action are taken in being success among expatriates. This journal explain that expatriates were recognize by the MNCs that get the support by the counterparts, subordinates and supervisors. Then, the expatriates were trained to integrate the work and work with other group that different culture. Next, the information support that are very important if expatriates are sent to the host subsidiaries to acquire knowledge and gain cultural competence. For example, the expatriates are sent to the host locations for developing ‘’Greenfield’’ operations need to gain knowledge about resources, human resources, business partner and customer potential. Then, the local staff whose have the additional experiences and the understanding of culture and the organizations and develop many of networks of relationships that can facilitate the conduct of expatriates’ work. Besides that, the expatriates also can having their business at host country or learning to be more successful at the host company. Last point that I got detect in this journal is the expatriates needs to know the culture or behaviour that suitable for offending local co-workers, subordinates and…show more content…
Based on this journal, I can share that expatriates managers find many repatriations much more stressful and frustrating then the initial expatriation. Then, this journal also explain that the increasing task will contribute to a higher level of satisfaction among expatriates managers. Next, there are many assessment of turnover that lead managers to develop more appropriate strategic responses. From this journal also, its explain that the training are more effectives to the training for the organization. Means, the expatriates should be provided more training before they are actual perform in the work for the organization. Besides that, the managers of the expatriates should be likely to increase parallel with the increase of international trade and movement towards global markets. The increasing means increase the training programme for the managers of expatriates and be more quality of attitudes towards the task or jobs given. Then, the expatriates also should follow the Cross-Cultural Adjustment (CCA) which are including the adjustment of work environment, adjustment to interact with the host country national and adjustment to the general culture. This CCA actually function for expatriates to be more positive work attitudes likes to be based on what and how expatriates make an adjustment in culture. Last but not least, the journal also stress

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