Cultural Shock In American Culture

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There are many people around the world that experience cultural shock. Cultural Shock is when someone is introduced to new and unfamiliar ideas and ways of living life. It can get really uncomfortable for a person who has no idea what to do and how to adapt to that society, especially if somebody is gonna be living there for quite a while. That was I experienced when I moved to Pakistan for six years of my childhood from 2007 to 2013. I really did not know what was going on when I first got there and wanted to come back to America during the first year. I was not adjusting to the “desi” lifestyle which is what Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshi’s are referred to cause of the similar culture. It was not until the middle of my second year that…show more content…
We learn “norms over time- consciously and unconsciously- and incorporate them into our patterns of daily living.” An example of a norm that I learned after my first experience was a wedding. The first wedding I was seen was my uncle. Weddings are done totally different in Pakistan. It is a three-day ceremony with many different events to do and I was really busy since I was the sarbala. “ A Sarbala is a nephew or cousin of the groom who accompanies the groom during the ceremony as his protector.” Another big norm that I learned as some family members passed away while I was there was the Burial rituals. Everyone is dressed in white and a prayer is done for the deceased as well as bathing him or her before burying them in a grave. In educational institutions and in homes, it was allowed for teachers and Parents to hit their students and kids if they do something inappropriate or do something they don't them to do. I had to accept their way even though not everyone had to agree with it. I felt really angry when I got hit but I realized that it actually worked for most students and ironically for me as well. It actually helped them and me to be more disciplined and not to repeat their
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