Cultural Significance Of Tourism In India

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The origin of the word ‘tourist’ dates back to A.D. 1292. It has come from the word ‘tour’, a derivation of the Latin word “tornus”, meaning a tool for describing a circle or a turner’s wheel. In the first half of the seventeenth century, the term was used for travelling from place to place, a journey, an excursion, a circuitous journey touching the principal parts of a country or region. The 19th century dictionary defines “Tourist” as “a person who travels for pleasure of travelling out of curiosity and because he has nothing better to do”. The term “Tourist” the Oxford dictionary tell us, was used as early as the year 1800. According to the dictionnaire universal, the “Tourist” is a person who makes a journey for the sake of curiosity,…show more content…
India’s primary attraction has been its cultural, its art, architecture, music dance and history. Culture draws people to its shores and these people subsequently spread the word about India’s rich heritage. Attractions such as the Himalayas and Golden Beaches of Goa came into focus only in recent years. Travel has been one of the fastest and ever growing service industries with an enormous potential for further growth in world. The bulk of tourist arrivals are in developed countries but now developing countries are also increasingly sharing in the tourism boom. Tourism has come to play an important role in the socio-economic development of a country. It is both cause and consequence of economic development. Travel today, is sold like any normal consumer product through retail outlets, wholesalers and even departmental stores of many countries. The reasons for travel too have changed over the span of time. Tourism in India is witnessing widespread growth on the back of increasing inbound tourists by the burgeoning Indian middle class, rising inflow of foreign tourists and successful government campaigns for promoting ‘Incredible India’. Infrastructure development holds the key to India‘s sustained growth in the Tourism sector. The tourism industry is primarily related to the service and people oriented; it is made up of businesses and organizations belonging to various other industries and sectors. It is the interplay among these businesses and organizations/persons which offers ―travel experience to tourists. The tourism industry comprises hospitality (related to accommodation and dining), travel (transportation services through different modes), and various other businesses which offer services and products to

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