The Burning Man Wray Analysis

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Within the first few paragraphs of the reading on cultural sociology, I found myself wondering what exactly the story about the “Burning Man” had to do with cultural sociology. Although I wasn’t quite sure where the story was going to go, I still found myself intrigued by the entire experience of the event that the author Wray was sharing. Eventually, I was able to understand the significance of Wray sharing this experience. This particular experience was an excellent example of what cultural sociologists do in their research and the ways in which they go about conducting research. Even though I wasn’t aware at the time, I also found myself wondering and questioning what it would be like to be able to witness first hand the event unfolding and taking place. I started to think of reasons why people would want to take part in an event such as this. Or, who or what even caused them to want to go to such a place in the middle…show more content…
Furthermore, the author did a good job of explaining these theories, concepts factors in such a way that helped me to understand how sociologist study culture in general. This reading was clearly a bit of a refresher on some of the key concepts, ideas, and theories that we have all been studying throughout our courses so, I don’t feel like I was left questioning any of the material provided. However, this reading began to make me think about our own research project and paper. I started to think about what aspects of culture I want to dive deeper into and uncover answers for and how I would begin to do that. This reading also helped me to have a better understanding of the type of research that I will be composing throughout the semester. I think that the challenging part is going to be to decide what element or aspect of culture do I want to emphasize within my own research

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