Cultural Stereotypes In Society

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Society is the girl who works at Starbucks who is too lazy to spell the ethnic names correctly, but dated a black guy in freshman year for three months because she wanted a “get out of racism” card. Society is that girl in your class who will not shut up about the political science course she took over the summer, for free. She has an exclusive clique that goes to the newest fusion restaurants for Instagram purposes and declares herself a connoisseur of international cuisines. Everyone hates her because she is the source of all drama, but at the same time everyone envies her. Society is Regina George and the hierarchy of Mean Girls has become a reality. Minorities become the freaks and geeks who can only dream of society noticing them. They…show more content…
It is also about representing them accurately. Even if someone who looked like me appeared on the big screens, there is a 99% chance they will portray me as a stereotype because Society doesn’t do her research or cite her sources. Society has that one minority friend for the sake of not looking racist and bases everything off of that one friend. That is, if Society can not just make the friend white against all odds. So I believe I am nothing more than a stereotype and that the only way I’m going to escape the bottom of the food chain is by being exactly what Society expects me to be. Stereotypes are destructive expectations that plummet too low or climb irrationally high. When expectations are set too low, they can diminish someone’s self worth down to a measly bottom feeder. When expectations are set too high, they can alienate the intimidating from the warmth of community and understanding. So why in the world would you want to nourish these false notions? Why would you make more movies with the black girl best friend who’s sass is so amusing? Why would you make more sitcoms that ridicule the broken English-speaking immigrant from Asia? Why would you make more music videos that mock Indigenous people’s culture? Is our affliction that
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