Cultural Stereotypes Of Teaching English As A Global Language

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Full name: Siham Biyat Course: Academic Writing Workshop TEFL Group:A 29/11/2016 Midterm Argumentative Essay English is mainly referred to as global language, but when it is taught around the world, it is often accompanied by British and American culture studies. Language is a product of a particular culture and learning about the cultural aspect of that language promotes its comprehension rather than to reinforce cultural hegemony and alienate native students from their own culture or identity. To truly engage students, teachers should interact with them in ways that are culturally and linguistically responsive and appropriate, and learners must examine the cultural assumptions and stereotypes they bring into the classroom in order to improve interconnectedness. There are ways in which teachers help students preserve their cultural identity while still teaching about world cultures in English language teaching. We do indeed transmit particular values and beliefs by teaching English as a Second Language, but that to some extent is inevitable. In respect of some values and beliefs, it is also desirable to permeate world cultures. Myriad identities and different ways of knowing, experiencing, and understanding life can help students to find and value their own identities, histories, and cultures. It is noteworthy to mention that teaching any subject leads to behaving in ways that may construct values and beliefs. Teachers provide content and they model

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