Cultural Struggles In Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison’s creative rigour, her intellectual and critical depth and her prophetic vision of the role of literature in interpreting the African American experience in the United States are unsurpassed. With her androgynous literary voice she narrates the dark truths about black life. The anthropologist in her formatted her creative writings in a progressive sequence depicting the complexity of black life in multicolors. Black people are aggressive, innovative and creative, said Morrison in one of her interviews. Carrying the same legacy she is explorative and sometimes even radical in her characterization and thus, emerged her atypical women characters. They are not just reflecting the plight and protest but standing didactic in one-way to the subjugated in general and black people in particular. The condition in which they live, their suffering, their limitations, their reactions and choices tend to transcend them through a different/unusual alternative. The theme of cultural confrontation is part of every narrative voice in black literature and black writers projected it in myriad reflections emphasizing the aspect of how it is resolved. Morrison is one among them, yet stands unique in her treatment. Though the confrontation is between white civilization and black culture, Morrison never made a white man the villain in her works. She simply ignored them like a post-colonial writer from Africa and Asia. She focused her attention not on the white characters forcing

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