Cultural Studies: Daily Life, Social Relations, And Language

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Harleen Tumber
COMS 210: Media Criticism
Martin Allor
28 October 2014
Cultural Studies
Cultural studies examine the way in which “culture” creates and changes individual experiences, everyday life, social relations and power. Cultural studies encompass the way people do certain things in a given culture which results in a specific meaning being attached to the way people in certain cultures do things.
Language and culture are very closely related. Language contributes to the way culture is shared and shaped. Through language we can understand a particular meaning however that meaning can be skewed by translation. In short, language contributes to the way culture is influenced. With the two essays from the Cultural Studies journal, I will demonstrate how borrowing from different cultures can lead to cultural deformation, audience reception of subtitles can be shaped by social variables and bring forth the good and bad of transculturation for which these key ideas address elements of cultural studies.

Featured Essays The two essays I chose to assist in my demonstrations of the concerns of cultural studies are “A cultural analysis of Disney’s Mulan with respect to translation” by Chuanmao Tian and Caixia Xiong along with “A cross-cultural perspective on production and reception of Disney’s Mulan through its Chinese subtitles” by Jun Tang. Many articles featured in the Cultural Studies would have the same elements as the two articles I choose however, I choose these two

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