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Generally speaking, we as human beings live in groups, societies and communities. These societies or groups have certain forms of habits or behaviors and this is what is known as culture. One of the major components of the definition of culture is language; hence, David Crystal said ‘there ought to be a word languaculture . ’Therefore, it has been acknowledged that language is the instrument that is used to express feelings attitudes, assumptions or to convey messages. Thus, diversities within communities resulted in the difference within the languages that is used to address the needs and hopes of those societies, a matter which led to the existence of the so-called phenomenon of multilingualism which is an integral part of global citizenship.…show more content…
Because each group in the community is able to transfer its perceptions to the rest of community in a cool platform that lead to harmony among different groups that use variety of codes. However, the important thing that must be mentioned here is usually multilingualism is jeopardized with the three components of language policy: language practices, ideology and planning as characterized by Spolosky. In other words, multilingualism encounters anti-multilingual education policies of some countries that prefer to use one language over other existing choices in that it aims to the dominance of one culture over others bearing in mind that language is one of the building blocks of culture. Thus, promoting a fair multilingualism tendency will foster social fabrics and harmonize communities locally, regionally and…show more content…
It is obvious that the world today is encountering a serious problem which is the global warming. This climatic phenomenon is endangering our planet. It increased temperature of earth surface. Therefore, action should taken individually, nationally and internationally to stop this nightmare.
Fifthly, conflict and peace is deeply rooted in history of man kind. As a human nature our interests and needs are usually confronted with others. It has been described as positive which leads to growth and negative and become destructive. Consequently, resolving conflicts and sustaining peace requires addressing the roots of the problem and involving the major conflict actors to ensure addressing the main causes of the specific dispute.
Finally, multilingualism is playing a significant role to foster the concept of global citizenship. Because different languages within specific communities such as my country Sudan presuppose that there other societies share the phenomenon. Thus, to understand and implement global citizen ship we should acquire certain skills such as creative thinking, empathy, self-awareness, and conflict

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