Cultural Tourism In Bhaktapur Case Study

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State of Cultural Tourism in Bhaktapur
Cultural tourism is a common concern in global phenomenon as people are curious to learn more about different types of culture exiting in different part of the world which are totally unique factor of attractions.Nepal is regarded as one of the best tourist destination in the world. Each district of the country possess unique cultural activities and cultural attractions. Among them Bhaktapur is one of the destination for the tourist. Since this district is the habitant of Newars, there are different types of culture and tradition celebrated throughout the year. Many tourists visit Bhaktapur each year, mainly from China, Germany, France, England, Holland, and India. The interest of tourist in different activities has encouraged knowing the state of Cultural tourism in Bhaktapur and ways local community has been are benefited by it.
Objective of the study
The objectives of this study are:
• To find out the state of cultural tourism in Bhaktapur
• To find out local community participation in cultural tourism activities
• To understand the impact of cultural tourism on economy, social life and employment opportunity of Bhaktapur
• To know different forms of cultural tourism in Bhaktapur
• To understand the reason behind tourist’s interest towards cultural tourism in Bhaktapur
Problem statement
What is the state of cultural tourism in Bhaktapur?
 What are the major factors to attract tourist in Bhaktapur?
Is it

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