Cultural Tourism In Fiji Case Study

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Question No.1 Cultural Tourism in Fiji Cultural Tourism is a form of tourism based solely on visiting or experiencing the entertainment attractions that are unique to one particular culture (Lecture Notes, 2014). For example, Fiji has been known for its unique “Fire Walking Ceremony” or “vilavilairevo” in Fijian language which has been a traditional performance done only by the people of the Sawau clan on the island of Beqa in Fiji. The aspect that makes Fiji’s fire walking unique or different from other fire walking attractions is the walking on hot stones instead of embers like in South East Asian countries. Cultural Tourism has created a very unique destination for Fiji and has contributed greatly in preserving and promoting tourism for Fiji. It is estimated by the Fiji Visitors Bureau that approximately 250,000 tourists visit the small island just off the coast of the capital of Fiji to witness the ceremony which contributes about $20 million Fiji dollars a year out of the $1.074 billion Fiji dollars that Tourism earns (Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Performance, 2012). Some forms of cultural tourism in Fiji are: • The Lovo or (Earth Oven.) This is a particular way of cooking food which is very unique to Oceania and although other cultures have their own way of cooking it, Fiji offers this experience to tourists and tourists can also participate in the cooking of the Lovo or Earth Oven. Traditionally, the food will consist of cassava (tapioca), kumala (sweet potato),

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