Cultural Value Analysis

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1. Using the reading, complete the following table
Value What does it mean? Australian examples (use textbook and think of your own)
Cultural If a landform has cultural value, it means that it is important to a place 's culture and to people of different cultures who express their love for the landform through creative means like poetry.

Uluru has cultural value, especially to the Aboriginal people in Australia as many of their dreamtimes stories refer to how Uluru was formed.
Mount Wellington is an example of cultural value because it is one of the main features in Tasmania and whenever people think of Tasmania they think of Mount Wellington.
Spiritual If a landform has spiritual value it means that it is somehow spiritually connected to
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The great barrier reef is another example of aesthetic value and attracts many visitors because of its natural beauty.
Economic Economic value is value towards an icon that is based on how much money a certain landform can make. Having a higher economic value brings more money to the landmark.

The Goldfields in and around Ballarat held a lot of economic value, especially in the gold rush, when everyone came to try and find gold.
The darling Harbour has lots of economic value as it is a major tourist attraction and lots of people come to see it.

2. Can you think of any other reasons why people might value a particular landscape or landform?
Scientific value can also be important to people when visiting landforms and landscapes, like how lots of scientists and geologists go to places like caves and rock formations. Marine biologists and environmentalists also may visit places like reefs.
Location of the landform can also affect why people might value a landform as if the landform was beautiful but was in a bad, unsafe area, people most likely would not value it as much as other
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Working by yourself, examine each picture from the PowerPoint (if you don’t know the name of the landscape/form describe it e.g. grass plain).
For each picture, decide its value from the list above. You might find some landscapes have competing values (more than one).
Name of landscape/form Value (s) and explanation what do you see or know
Cave Economic – Caves attract tourists as people love to come experience the different caves all around the world.

Aesthetic – Caves have raw, natural beauty as they are usually untouched, so people like to come see that and the beauty of the different shape and sized stalagmites and stalactites also attract people.

Spiritual – Especially in Australia, caves can have a lot of spiritual value. Most spiritual value is for the aboriginal people as they mean a lot to them and we know this as caves can be a big part in dreamtime stories.

Cultural – Quite a lot of caves contain finger paintings and art from thousands of years ago bringing cutrual value into them.


Aesthetic- People usually like to walk or even boat around the bay to witness the beauty of the water found there.

Cultural- Depending on where the bay is situated, it can add lots of meaning and culture to the place
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