Cultural Value Values

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Cultures have values that must remain on hold. As the successor to the nation should preserve our own culture. Therefore cultures held as a valuable heritage and the identity and way of life of a nation should be preserved. In facing the challenges of the times that lead to modern progress, we must not forget the culture that we have. Culture that we have should be a pride for the people who the owner of the culture. Thus, these people should still preserve values - values that exist in a culture that is not altered by the developments and changes so quickly. According Sutrisno (2008, p. 17) that culture is essential that wealth does not only affect the individual, but also affect social groups, and nations as a form of culture in the form…show more content…
The subject of research to obtain data in this study amounted to 14 people, among them chairman of the association benjang, elders benjang, coach benjang wrestling, players benjang wrestling, players benjang (Art Group benjang Mekar Jaya), the player benjang (Art Group Benjang Rays Yudha Heritage ), players benjang (Art Group benjang Mekar Kusuma White Eagles), benjang players (Pusaka degree Art Group benjang Wangi Young), community leaders (arts audience benjang), Head Ujungberung Bandung. This study used a qualitative approach. According Moleong (2012, p. 7) that 'qualitative methods have since exploited researchers to examine the background something about motivation, roles, values, attitudes, and perceptions of a particular subject'. As for some consideration of qualitative methods is selected according to Moleong (2012, p. 10), namely: First, adjust the qualitative method is easier when faced with the reality plural. Second, this method presents the direct nature of the relationship between researcher and respondent. Third, this method is more sensitive and more able to adjust to a lot of sharpening effect along the pattern - the pattern of values encountered. Based on the opinions Moleong above, it can be concluded that in qualitative research shows the relationship between researcher and respondent lasted intensively and long so it must adapt and hearts - hearts with a pattern of values encountered and analyze reflective with various documents and reports in detail .In this qualitative research methods, the authors use case studies. According to Stake (in Ratna, 2010: 190) that: 'the case studies is the choice of the research object, not a methodological consequences. Case - selected cases may be simple, perhaps too complicated and complex '. The case studies will be done intensively so that researchers can obtain the data thoroughly and completely in accordance with
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