Cultural Values In Advertising

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Culture is defined as having a set of values, beliefs and ideologies to distinguish themselves from the rest of the world, culture unify those who hold the same set of values but marginalize those who disintegrate themselves from the norm (Hsu & Barker, 2013). The advertisements that are used in this essay are the Freddie Smith: McDonald’s Gladiator Commercial 2013, the Pepsi Commercial HD - We Will Rock You and Samsung UHD Curved TV - Gladiator ad (links can be found in Appendix A). The cultural belief that is encoded in these advertisements showed ideologies, beliefs and values of the American culture and is intended to reach out to an American audience. The advertisers that formed these messages wanted to appeal to what the audiences favor and appear to be alluring and decent (Hsu & Barker, 2013). The aim of this essay is to explain the American cultural values that are encoded in the advertisements and to contrast the set of values that are found in the American culture with another culture (e.g. the Chinese culture). Therefore, the ideologies, beliefs and values encoded in the American culture and the Chinese culture must be addressed.
In the American culture, McDonald’s is the leading export spectrum (King & O’Boyle, 2002) so consequently, the Freddie Smith: McDonald’s Gladiator Commercial 2013 used American youths as their actors. In the commercial, Freddie (American television actor) tore open a tiny flap on his burrito and realized that he had won a prize. Then, he

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