Cultural Values In American Culture

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Culture is the arts and manifestation of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively in society. Over many years, Americans have created their own identity, trends, and traditions furthering American culture. Americans display pride, integrity, determination, and gratitude. Although circumstances force us to drift away from our culture degrading what Americans really stand for, we stay true to our values, which keeps American culture great.
In a frenzy, the flamingo is considered special all across America on the emphasis of it’s loud, bold pink color. Jennifer Price illustrates the pink flamingo’s claim to boldness. As an appeals to pathos, Price personifies the flamingo as, “flamboyant oasis,” emphasizing the boldness and wealth of their nature, yet displaying their speciality to America. The flamingo with its electric bright pink color symbolizes value and wealth, which it brings to anyone or place it comes in contact with. The bird “In the 1950s, namesake Flamingo motels, restaurants, and lounges cropped up across the country like a line of semiotic sprouts.” Price emphasizes the specific types of businesses that the flamingo had an affect on, bettering the business.
Americans have driven flamingo’s to extinction but now consider them a divine to society. Price emphasizes the irony of Americans driving flamingos to extension, but now all of a sudden they mean great value to us. In supplication of ethos, Jennifer disputes Americans true respect and love for
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