Cultural Values In Bhutan

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Bhutanese people had lived happily maintaining tradition and culture value before 1961 with least population. The living standard was relatively low and they had their own life style unique from rest of the world. The country started to lack the tradition and culture value when friendship was made with two immediate neighboring countries India and Nepal. Since then many new changes have occurred within the recent five years back. In order, to maintain unique identity the government has enacted certain restrictions in latest ideas and developments. (Collins, 2012) Gradually the Bhutanese started to enjoy new facilities especially the most basic important was seen television. For eg: drug abuse, gang fights etc. Since then
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Thesis: Social life of the Bhutanese people have changed in terms of language, education, dress and environment due to speedy up gradation development in country but lacking behind its unique tradition and culture preservation because of earning enthusiastic travelling outside.
Education was backward in Bhutan and it existed till first five year plan in 1961, more focus was given on domestic works. During grandparents’ time, daughters were not encouraged to go to school for modern education. What is interesting to note is that a majority of the grandmothers also opposed sending their daughters and granddaughters to school. They gave more importance to girls staying at home and helping the family in work rather than educating them. For eg: A 53 year old mother in a family has said “I was not enrolled in school. I was kept working at home”. Nowadays daughters are treated equally and given equal opportunities to acquire modern education. As such, the modern education system has brought down the harsh practice against daughters in sticking to traditional customs and values (Collins,
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