Cultural Values In City Of Glass By Paul Auster

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I have always considered myself to be an introvert as I prefer to listen to others than converse in front of a sizable audience. Since grade school, I had always been told by my teachers to present my ideas and participate often in class discussions. Sometimes, I used to like expressing my thoughts during a in class discussion but I soon learned than this was more often dependant on the topic that was being discussed. Sometime around the end of my junior year I had perfected the topics that interested me and had almost told myself to shutdown during class discussions that revolved around a specific topic which I did not like. Most of the topics that I rarely shared my thoughts about were connected to our society and its cultural values. Since I knew that such values are significant because they help us grow and develop to form an identity, I didn’t feel a need to discuss them with others as I didn’t really care. But soon I realized that I was merely taking my society 's values for granted, having lived within in for so many years. Before reading City of Glass by Paul Auster, I had never considered how naive I was following certain rules and social norms that fit my society without realizing how much these rules affect my life, but after reading the novel I realized that it is only when these social norms and rules are removed that people realize the significant impact society has on who they are. In City of Glass, Quinn the main character of the novel is portrayed as a

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