Cultural Values In Dubai

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Dubai, UAE located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It is a young but developing country, it has made a name for it self in few shout years, it have the world largest building, cutting edge skyscrapers, and man made island but this also a country who is still close to it’s heritage. Dubai have rich history and Emirati heritage. “Our national identity is integrally linked to the Arabic language which serves as an effective medium to express our values, culture and heritage”-HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid.
In a city where modern, high rise buildings dominate, traditional old architecture sticks out beautifully and really complements’ the story of what Dubai use to be and what it has grown to today, The locals are so proud of the rich cultural heritage that even thought a small part of it remains today, they are keen to develop new properties in line with keeping traditional themes.

In the old time their main industry was fishing and pearl diving and textile trading, so many of the houses were located around the sea, one of the most famous and historic neighbourhood was Al Fahidi also know as Al Bastakiya (which is name after Iranian town of Bastak) ,which lined the creek on both side and apart lending grace to the area. Al Fahidi historical district dates back to 1890s. where buildings with high air towers, build with traditional building materials such as stone, gypsum, teak, sandal wood, fronds and palm wood

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