Cultural Values

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Each and every individual have their own cultural values, beliefs and behaviors which make them different from each other. People are different in their ethnicity, tribe, race and religions and have their own identity. Our culture has influence the way how we conduct the work, our behavior and style, our language use, our problems and challenges solving nature, how we negotiate and how we make relation with others. Health professionals need to understand their own cultural values, beliefs and behaviors before caring patient of different culture. They need to be aware of diverse practices and beliefs of several cultures. Interpretation of information, perceptions and behaviors is directly affected by the culture which is very important to be…show more content…
It is a means of empowering health practitioner and the patient. It is necessary to find out the conditions of nurses and work they perform in a culturally safe way. Like many other subjects in nursing, cultural safety is important to learn from the people of different backgrounds, values, beliefs and experiences to work in a culturally safe way. (nursing review) As need of health care is over growing, it is better to provide health services caring with patient’s values, listening to them with due respecting their…show more content…
For every person, time is valuable. It displays our respect towards people and time. Whether it is in workplace or in meetings, I always get there on time. I feel comfortable during work when I become punctual so that I can concentrate on work properly. There must be good communication between nurses and patients to build strong therapeutic relationship. It enables successful care of each patient. (Lambrini Kourkouta 2014, ncbi; communication in nursing practice). For the communication, language is very important. Difficulties in understanding language can effect negatively in health care. Before applying for Australian Visa, I have passed IELTS which is required English language for entering into Australia. My proper verbal communication with the patients has helped me to understand the problems of the patient which has made the nursing work accurate, consistent and easy ensuring my satisfaction as well as the patient. Furthermore, listening is another important part of good communication. I often listen to every single word of patient to show my respect to their words. This has helped patient to feel valued, understood and supported. I realized that through my caring attitude they were already participating in a culturally competent care. Listening to them, caring them and respecting their culture delivers a culturally safe
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