Cultural Value Of Transcultural Nursing

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1.0 Introduction People belonging to different cultures may have various types of demand in term of well being. It is fundamental human right to express own cultural values. Individual having different cultural value should be respected of their cultural. According to Cambridge Dictionary online define transcultural as cross cultural, intercultural or multicultural. Culture is a basic component of patient’s lives that influence their health care attitudes and activities. Culture is the inner and outer indication of a person, group or communities shared values, belief and norms that are utilized to enable people to work in life, understand and interpret life occurrences. The term frequently refer to ethic culture and also connected to scope…show more content…
It focuses on health, comparative cultural caring and global cultures. Transcultural nursing is explain as a humanistic and scientific area of formal investigation and practice in nursing which is engaged upon difference and similarities among culture with respect to patients, health and illness based on cultural value, beliefs and practice. More over nurses use this knowledge to provide cultural specific or culturally harmonious nursing care to individual. Culturally competent nursing care helps will ensure patient satisfaction and positive…show more content…
The discomfort signals real or potential damaged to the body. However, pain is more than a sensation or the physical attention to pain which include perception of the discomfort or distress. Pain is universal human experience and highly modifiable by psychological factors. Cambridge Dictionary online define pain as feeling of physical suffering cause by injury illness. It also defined as emotional or mental suffering. According Atlas & Wager (2012), stated pain is a complex sensation which involves motivational, sensory and cognitive components. Numerous things contribute how experience and express pain. Pain beliefs are guided by ethnicity, culture, sex, age, emotional factors, and the relative power of the member in family or the interpersonal relationships and spirituality. Each of these components can crucially affect how convey and understand about pain. Additionally, changes in working, social or family role, work status, daily routines and rest aggravation may add to ceaseless pain. These elements can cause trouble which may also increase pain status. Some common passionate reaction to pain includes anxiety, tension, anger, feeling misjudged and
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