Cultural Values In Thai Culture

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Thai and Vietnamese Concepts of Community The stories told within the pages of Four Reigns, by Kukrit Pramoj, and The Sacred Willow, by Mai Elliot, give readers an accurate representation of values within communities in both Vietnamese and Thai cultures respectively. However, the values held both Thai and Vietnamese communities differ, and therefore create differences in how Khun Prem in Four Reigns and Duong Thieu Chi, Elliot’s father in The Sacred Willow interact based on community values and structure. This essay will use examples of the two paternal characters to understand the main concepts and expectations of community in Thai and Vietnamese cultures. Throughout the two texts the two men hold a similar goal: to maintain the status of their family in their community. Although Duong Thieu Chi holds considerably more status in comparison to Khun Prem, both men are of aristocratic status which puts them at the wealthier and more privileged end of their communities. However, regardless of similar goals and life circumstances each man adheres to communal expectations and pressures that shape their behaviors. In order to maintain their status their actions must also reinforce the values of the community, and are therefore representative of the community. For instance, Khun Prem’s actions often revolve around the concept of maintaining face, while Duong Thieu Chi’s behavior is motivated by upholding Confusion values. The actions of each character reveals the importance of

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