Cultural Values In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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It is impossible for anyone to claim that they are competent in a culture if they don’t have a sufficient knowledge of its as well as of the country. With a huge of more than 300 million people encompassed the large variety ethinic, cultural and religious groups and all sorts of different beliefs and values, the United states is a home of a wide range of beliefs and values. “The adventure of Huck Finn” is an outstanding film that is thoroughly expressed and practiced the tenets of some important and famous beliefs and values in America.

“The adventures of Huck Finn” directed by Stephen Sommers and distributed by Walt Disney in 1993 is adapted from the novel “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. The film recounts the life of Huck Finn , a thirteen- year- old boy and Jim, a mild- mannered slave through many of the adventures down the Mississippi overcome different trials along the way to obtain the independence. “The adventures of Huck Finn” film presents not only an attractive background with thrilling moments, but also a wide range of American beliefs and values including individualism, optimism and freedom. This essay will

outline how these values were formed and how they were demonstrated in American life.

One of the most pervasive values in U.S. American culture is individualism. Individualism is the belief that people should consider themselves as separate individuals who should take care of themselves in any situation in life and their own destiny. American
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