Cultural Values Of Japanese Culture

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Culture is likely known as the mixture of patterns of human knowledge, beliefs and characters that are based upon the ability of learning and transferring knowledge to succeed the generations. Cultures are what makes a country one of kind. Each country has its own different cultural views and activities. The cultural set involves reserves as in the things people use and they produce them as well. Culture is also the opinions and the values of the people and how they think and understand people and the world and their own lives that they live in. I got the opportunity to interview someone from a totally different culture and got the chance to compare between my culture and theirs. I was happy to interview someone from japan, she was a young educated lady who helped me get a better view on the Japanese modern culture. Beforehand I’ve chosen three cultural values that I think are important and extremely necessary to study about and examine them on different culture they are change orientation which is about doing things in a new way and how each country reflects on it. The second value I picked is competitive orientation which is known as a single person is in a challenge to do better and the rewards they get in return is based on their own achievement. The lastly the individualistic orientation which is basically about the rights of the individuals. The first question that I put forward was “Is your country believes that it’s good to have a change or are
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