Culturally Diverse Group Analysis

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Culturally diverse group is a population that I find interesting due to all the social characteristics of various cultures involved. Working with this type of population will definitely have its challenges due to complexities of the diverse client population. Apart from differences in cultural background, there will be differences in individual communication style, language barriers and beliefs. Understanding the values of each client group on the aforementioned issues will be helpful in understanding how an individual may be in conflict with their own culture or with the larger multiethnic culture.

Take for instance a muslim man whose cultural background and gender is different from mine. I have to be aware that due to my gender, we will
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So, I am aware of how insensitive it can be to judge someone without understanding their core beliefs. My first bias toward the client is his culture view women as inferiors and my second bias muslim men and multiple wives. As a future therapist, it is imperative to be culturally sensitive to clients worldview, including their core beliefs and understanding. Awareness of my own biases and values, and an understanding of how therapeutic method should be adapted to fit the need of the client (Brew & Kottler, 2008, p. 33). My bias towards the client will compromise my interventions with the client. When dealing with a client from other cultures, there are certain competencies to have that are essential for being culturally sensitive. The therapist needs to 1. understand the problem as experienced by the client as what they are feel, 2. the problem as identified by the client ( label the problem), 3. the problem as it is presented by te client ( the narrative in their own way), 4. The problem as understood by the therapist and 5. the problem as diagnosed by the therapist.(Brew & Kottler, 2008, pp.
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