Culture And Human Culture: Cultural And Language Differences

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2.7.3. Cultural and language differences Cultural differences Culture may be defined as the beliefs, value, and behavior and material objects shared by particular people. Macionis saied that ; Sociologists distinguish between non- material culture, which means the intangible, creation of human society such as ideas and beliefs. Material culture, the tangible product of human society that is concrete expression of ideas and beliefs. Culture is a way of life that a number of people have in common (1987:62). As of, (Gidden, 2005), understanding and explanations, culture plays an important role in continuing the valves and norms of society, yet it also offers important chance for creativity and change. Almost most society and family all are communicate within their culture. People are in culture and share the culture, interacted with one another within the boundary of culture. Therefore, culture is one of the factors of identity among groups or groups of people or society. According to, (Oslon, 2000), culture is important aspect of being human. It involves shared beliefs, values and attitudes of a group of people. Moreover, it entails ways in which relationships and marital and sexual relationship are structured. The cultural setting in which we are born and come to maturity influence our behavior, but that does not mean that humans are taking of individuals or free will (Gidden,et el., 2005). Because Identity related to the understanding people embrace about who
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