Culture And Non-Material Culture

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What is culture?
Culture can be described as the system of beliefs, values, artifacts and behavior. It is a common denominator so that the actions of individuals from a group are understandable to another group. Different people in different societies can have a different culture, but there also are some similarities. It can be described as norms and social behavior found in human society. Culture is inherited, not learned. It derives from someone’s environment and not from someone’s genes.
Culture can be represented in form of non-material culture or material. The specific traits and definitions will be discussed below.

Material culture
Material culture includes creation, usage, consumption, and trade of objects. Anything from jewelry, to books, dressing or buildings can be considered material culture. It is the physical aspect of culture and all those things people give meaning to the things they create. All these physical aspects help to define its members’ perceptions and behaviors. For instance, technology is an important aspect of material culture nowadays.

Non-material culture
Non-material culture is the part of a culture that consists of behavior and thoughts that people learn as part of the culture they live in. It includes beliefs or religion, language, knowledge, rules, family, and customs. It refers to non-physical ideas that people have about culture. For example, religion is a non-material culture concept and consists of beliefs and ideas about moral,

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