Culture And Religion Influence On Gender Role

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Do you view yourself as a man or a woman?
- I am a man, and I view myself as a man.
How has your culture and religion influenced your gender role?
- I am a Christian and was raised on a farm, thus I have a very strong and manly role in house, class and other parts of life.
In what ways has your life been affected by your gender?
- My life has not been affected at all, because there is nothing I can’t do.
- There is some feminine things that is frowned upon like wearing make-up and lipstick, but it doesn’t bother me.
What do you think of people from different race, gender, religion and culture?
- Everyone have the right to do what they want, but forcing people to do certain stuff, or to not do certain stuff is unacceptable.
How do you relate
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