Importance Of Culture

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Culture - Importance of Great Chain of Being The great chain of being was a belief that everyone who gave, would get, and be rewarded. The church created this, to get everyone to work and give to each other, so they would go into eternal life after death which made everyone think they all mattered. The church started the mindset of the Great Chain of Being (Richardson). This was a genius idea, because the church would “grant” a person in a certain class life after death if they worked. Since they would do this, everyone would work hard for their manor making them succeed. The Great Chain of Being is the basic notion that everything in the universe has an unchangeable place in proper order of things (Richardson). When people believed this,…show more content…
Wool started to become more needed, so more sheep were needed, and they started replace people. Sheep started to make lords more money than peasants, so sheep were started to replace peasants (Jones 39). Since the income from wool products was more, the king started to fire peasants, and got more sheep, to make money. Huge numbers of sheep were kept for wool (Johnson). With more sheep, this meant more wool, which meant there could be more things made from wool. This brought the number of sheep up, to keep the amount of wool being produced up. Wool then became more popular, and was a much bigger part in feudalism. Wool became the backbone and driving force of the medieval English economy between the late thirteenth century and late fifteenth century (Johnson). Wool was now so important, that it was a driving force in economy for a very long period of time. Without shepherds, none of this could be possible, as there would be no wool to trade. Huge demand for wool in medieval England, mostly to clothe people with land (Johnson). With this huge demand, shepherds had to work much harder to get wool, and when the did, the reward for wool was higher, and they would be rewarded more. Wool was an overall huge importance to feudalism, and shepherds were the ones to provide this, which made being a shepherd a big
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