Culture In Almost Home

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“Almost Home” a 90 minute DVD (on reserve in the Learning Recourse Center). View this documentary about changing culture in a nursing home setting. Submit answers to the questions below in the ELearning drop box by orientation day to the Extended Care facility. Questions: 1. The administrator of St. John’s talks about culture change. What do you think he means by that? Give some examples. What are some of the barriers to culture change that you observed in the video? When the administrator of St. John’s was talking about culture change, I think he means the culture of the nursing homes has changed. Examples include treating the elder like a person, talking to the elder about their day, asking the elders what they want to eat, when and how…show more content…
In the film, the administrator encourages the staff to approach residents as if they were family. Is this different from approaching residents as a professional? If so, how? How does care change when caregivers know the values, accomplishments and experiences of the people in their care? I think there is a difference from approaching as a professional than as if they were family because as a professional there are certain boundaries you should not cross and sometimes families cross those boundaries. The care changes when caregivers know the values, accomplishments, and experiences of the elders in their care because they look as the patient being priority and what they want or need to a peaceful quality of life. 3. If you could have a conversation with anyone in Almost Home whom would you want to talk with and what would you want to talk about? Why? If I could have a conversation with anyone in Almost Home I would want to talk to Ralph Nelson because he is so active and full of life. He does not let his age define him. He brings a different sense to elders in how elders can be fully functional in daily life. I think he is a great example of how people can view elders. 4. Describe a moment in the film that touched your heart or that hit close to
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