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Culture is defined as a configuration of learned behaviors and results of behavior whose component elements are shared and transmitted by the members of a particular society(Linton 32). American culture, one segment of American civilization, is a typical culture model extensively internationally transmitted in the contemporary era. Thanks to aborigines in American Continent and large numbers of immigrants from worldwide, American culture presents the characteristics of diversity and tolerance which principally affected and structured by various culture branches based on mixed ethnic make-up. The inauguration of Americanization is a gradual process, accompanied and being supported by strong economic and military. The rise of the United States…show more content…
Primarily, the concept of culture revolves in the human society on its belief, art, morals, custom and other capabilities such as values, norms, traditions, mores, folkways, race, ethnicity, technology, fads, and laws(Bueno). Partly the abstract cultural concept can be embodied by specific materials. The movies made by Hollywood, characteristic American popular culture, are a concept that symbolizes heroism, supernaturalism and fairyland. Around $1.75 billion of this year’s(2015) box office receipts so far was from foreign movies, including around $380 million from "Furious 7" and around $240 million apiece from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Jurassic World" (Hewitt). In the case of American fast food in China, no company illustrates Asia’s potential better than Yum! Brands, the proprietor of KFC and Pizza Hut. KFC opened its first restaurant on China’s mainland in 1987, and now operates 2,497 in the country (compared with 5,253 in the United States), and counts on it for nearly 30 percent of global revenue( ptd. in Marjerison 6). In spire of fast food is criticized because of unhealthy formula, its popularity remains largely undiminished on the basic of speed and convenience. Except its own advantages, there is also some sense of curiosity and faddishness on the part of Chinese youth toward Western fast-food restaurants(ptd. in Marjerison 7). In the past, fast food in China was considered as a luxury that were uncommon and scarce. Nevertheless, ordinary people consume KFC, McDonald, Starbuck as a routine today. The considerable differences, on the one hand, reveal the social upheaval in China, on the other hand, reflects that Americanization merges into Chinese daily lifestyle step by

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