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The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia is a country that shares borders with Eritrea to the north and northeast, toward the east of Somalia as well as Djibouti, to the south Kenya and to the west south is said to be located within the horn of Africa and occupies 1,100,000 (420,000 sq mi) square kilometres of total area and its capital being Addis Ababa. By record, Ethiopia is said to be the most populated landlocked country in the world and the second most populated country in the whole of Africa.
Ethiopia is a co-existing multilingual society. The country possesses more than 80 diverse ethnic groups of which each of them have their own culture, custom, and traditions as well as their languages. Ethiopian cultures
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In the present day, most ethnic groups have been protesting against the historical domination of the Amharic.
The most spoken foreign language is English which are also spoken and taught in both secondary and tertiary education. Some parts of the country near Djibouti speak French and Italian is spoken less often in few parts of the country but is particularly spoken among the elderly in Tigre region.
In Ethiopia both genders have clearly defined roles. Traditionally the men function as the providers for their family and taking care of family contact which is outside the home while the women do all domestic chores and look after the kids. Parents are stern with their female children than male children. There is more freedom assigned to the males as they don’t do domestic chores because it’s the female’s job and this notion is held around areas of the country. Even though so many people follow these traditional roles, life is constantly changing involving the various roles of men and women. These traditional roles are mostly less dominant in the urban areas where the women have started taking roles in employment areas while the men engage in domestic

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