Culture In Fast Food

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And also, due to the advertising clutter and numerous numbers of advertisements that consumers see every day, some studies find that consumers are becoming more resistance and have a high degree of avoidance towards advertising (Alwitt&Prabhaker, 1994). Since the most traditional form of advertising is the television advertisements; people can avoid it by many ways, for example, ignoring it, leaving the room or even switching the channel (Speck and Elliott, 1997). Additionally, consumers can avoid advertisements in other media, for example, ignoring printed ads, deleting pop-ups on the internet (Kelly et al, 2010).
As far as fast food advertisements are concerned, in 2009, researchers estimate that children are exposed to an averages of 7.6
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Therefore, eating in fast food stores has become a Myanmar lifestyle. This lifestyle develops into a way of life and attitudes, and gets spread to other areas, and forms a certain culture. This is known as fast food culture. Compared with three meals a day, fast food is a condiment, a trend toward American way of life. Burgers, pizza, fried stuff with cheese, French fries, donuts, and all such food items that can be prepared and served quickly are termed as fast-food and have plenty of consumers from all age groups. Fast food is basically on-the-go food, quickly made, and served within minutes for the people who lead fast-paced lives. For those city dwellers, eating seems to become a burden, so fast food is particularly favorable to those who work day and night. American fast food shows its most significant features of being efficient, convenient, and hygienic. It embodies the American values and the objective needs, but also as a modern dining concept of consumption received the world 's most successive recognition and acceptance, surging to the world. The American fast food culture, not only has been a symbol of obvious significance in the framework of the typical American way of life, but also has broken through the region, state, national cultural discrepancy and the barrier of traditional eating habits of Myanmar, as a lifestyle, a cultural style sweep the world, thus winning popularity both at home and
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