Culture In Lord Of The Flies

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Society needs people to make it. However, something in turn, has to make society. Culture turns people into societies. It puts its people up to certain standards, which are honorable to meet; and gives people their idea of right and wrong. In his book The Lord of the Flies, William Golding cleverly shows us what would happen without culture. Culturally good characters are abundant in Chaim Potok’s book, The Chosen. These people, to the reader’s eyes, seem like the kind one wants to know; characters that cling in one’s memory, like Reuven, Danny and Mr. Galanter. Their desire to be culturally right makes these figures so memorable. One finds himself wanting to think like them and act like them.

First off, in the book, the character Reuven
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Galanter, Reuven’s softball coach, displays all the characteristics a mentor would need. First, he is good at guiding, making clear what needs to be done, yet still seeming friendly and humorous in the process. When he directed the players of his softball team to stand is an instance of his guiding skills. At the ball game, he instructed the boys, keeping a good humor, but being clear what was to be done; saying things like ‘A battleship could fit between you two, close in’ or, ‘what are you doing, looking for paratroops? This is a ball game, the enemy’s on the ground.’ He showed his care for his pupils when Reuven got hit by the softball, and he rushed him to the hospital. “ “You’ll be okay,” Mr. Galanter said, trying to sound encouraging. “You get a Purple Heart for today’s work, trooper.” ” I think Mr. Galanter’s gentle guiding and caring nature make him a great man.

Society needs people and culture to exist. It creates a standard to which people want to live up. Living up to these standards earns people honor in the sight of others. These three characters, Reuven, Danny and Mr. Galanter show characteristics that make them worthy of society. Culture forms the world around us, and keeps us in check; sets our standards and allows for good people. Reuven, Danny and Mr. Galanter all live up to culture’s standards; Reuven for his friendship, Danny for his respect and Mr. Galanter for his caring and guiding nature. These three traits make them what society
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