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BRISTISH AND INDIAN CULTURE IN MEERA SYAL’S ANITA AND ME: COEXISTENCE, DIFFERENCE AND INFLUENCE Communicating in Britain 1. Introduction This essay will analyse the interaction of Western and Indian culture in Meera Syal´s Anita and Me (Harper Perennial 2004). Culture is a main topic in our society at the moment. The author wants to communicate, in this literary work, a reality that is present in our lives related to the coexistence among different cultures. Bear in mind the novel is set at the end of the sixties. To be precise, it refers to British and Indian culture, mentioned before, in the English city of Wolverhampton. Actually, the story takes place in the fictional village of Tollington, which is situated near Wolverhampton. The topic is explained because it is well-known that in a country there…show more content…
One way in which the sign character of nations becomes evident is in the customary. Additionally, all cultures that exist in the world don´t share the same ideas, and don´t think the same in relation to aspects of daily life. For example, Indian culture has values like loyalty to the family and to the cultural community that they belong to. Furthermore, solidarity is very important for them. They tend to act according to the social values and for the benefit of their group. This point is represented in the following quote, “The Aunties were a powerful force, my mother was an Auntie to several kids in her own right too, but together they were a formidable mafia whose collective approval was a blessing, and whose communal contempt was a curse wrapped up in sweet sari-shaped packages” (p. 33). Nevertheless, the Western culture gives more importance to personal freedom, and to the individualism, and so pays more attention to the values of the individual more than the whole

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