Culture In Organization Literature Review

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ARTICLE 1: The objective of this article is to demonstrate the relationship of culture within organizational environment. Culture has an impact on employee’s performance, if they have the same values and norms they will be more committed with their work. This increase performance and helpful for organization in order to achieve their goals. Culture is the set of values, beliefs, and norms that influence the way employees think, feel, and behave in the workplace. Having same culture give employee’s the sense of identity, commitment with organization, reinforces values, and shape behavior. Organizational culture has the potential to enhance the performance, employee job satisfaction, and the give sense to solve the problem. Effects of organizational…show more content…
Culture is the combination of important assumptions that are shared in common by each members of an organization and are often unstated. It has two major assumption values and beliefs. Values that are forwarded by the leaders of the organization and considered to be ideals that are desired by all the members of an organization. Beliefs on the other hand are the assumptions about the reality and created by experience. Organizational culture is a uniform perception of an organization which has common characteristics. Something is descriptive and effectively it can distinguish one particular organization from another. It can also integrate individuals and groups of organization systems. It is a set of commonly experienced stable characteristics of an organization which shows the distinctive features of an organization which differentiates it from others. In same culture employees can solve their problems easily. They teach the same to newly joined member in organization and tell them the organization standards, way of thinking, perceiving and how to approach problems. The full complexity of organizational culture, a number of researchers made attempts to recognize and examine the components of the organizational culture. One of the inseparable components of organizational culture is the values that are shared and held by the individuals of an organization. It is the form of onion that contains a number of layers and values that make the core of the organizational culture. Importance of organizational culture to the success of the organization has been stressed by numerous researchers. Culture can determine the success of organization. Good companies are distinguished from bad ones based on their cultures. The reason of mostly company’s success is they have distinctive culture on which they are responsible for the success of organization’s implementation strategy.

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