Analyze The Concept Of Culture To Organizations Essay

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A.C. 1.1 - Analyze the concept of culture to organizations.
Culture is the way things are done. In an organization aspects of culture may be, how work should be done, how people will be controlled and then rewarded, collectively how everything will be organized in the organization. Culture is set of values, beliefs, and ways of thinking, which are followed by the organization and are taught to the newcomers as correct. Culture is basically that part of the organization that is not written anywhere but is felt by the whole organization. Culture represents the collective behavior of members of the organizations which depict their habits, visions, work rule and symbols. Culture of an organization will affect the strategy, its approach to strategic planning, management style, and ethical behavior, perception about customers and competitor and specially attitude towards stakeholders. Key factors such as rituals, routines and behaviors can majorly affect the achievement of
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1.2 - Compare the traits of power culture, role culture, task culture and person culture
The culture of the organization can be differentiated by four classifications:
1. The Individual
2. Type of
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A culture where clear job descriptions, procedures, well defined rules combine to form a highly formalize structure known as role culture. Here procedures are important that one has to do the work as told following the footsteps. This automatically creates a discipline in the organization and set things on the right place as everyone has not the decision making powers that what to do when stuck at some point. This culture enables the workers to not take that tension and just follow what is being taught and told. This culture is highly effective in large organizations where the number of workers is too much. This culture clearly defines the responsibility and authority of individual helping in the appraisal that was required by the individual.

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