Cold War Influence On American Culture

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One of the aspects of culture that was influenced by the Cold War is music. The ideals, situations, and figures were described, and criticized in every musical form. This investigation seeks to find the relationship between the creation of the Rock and Roll music genre and the social issues of the Cold War. The main body of evidence will investigate the events that lead up to the desperation of society and why this music genre was born as one of the factors for its creation. Evidence will include both, primary, and secondary sources including investigation about the Cold War, the origins of the musical genre. It will also include examples of songs, which reflect the effects the events had on them and the world around them. An analysis of these…show more content…
America had free elections, a democratic country, and richest world power. America had freedom of media and was capitalist with the ideal of “Survival of the fittest”, while the Soviet Union was in the opposite situation. There were no elections, it was autocratic and was ruled by a dictator, had a poor economic base, there was total censorship, and it was a communist country with the ideal of “Everybody helps everybody” (History Learning Site).

The main events and personalities of the Cold War were: the Iron Curtain, the Truman Doctrine, NATO, the Korean War, the Warsaw Pact, Sputnik, the Soviet Army, the Hungarian uprising and secret police, the Suez Canal War, the Berlin Wall, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Arms Race and Nuclear Winter, the B52 Bomb, the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan, and Project Azorian (History Learning Site).

Culture and society during the Cold
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Song “Revolution” by the Beatles.

It is a primary source written in 1968. Even though it is not one of the first rock and roll songs written at the beginning of the 1950s, it is a song that expresses the people’s feelings about the situation the world was in. According to research I have done before, people felt angry and were in fear throughout the Cold War period.

John Lennon wrote the song in the United Kingdom on November 1968. The song was inspired by political protests in early 1968 in opposition to the Vietnam War. Lennon believed in Transcendental Meditation that he learned in India, which he used as a source of inspiration. Throughout his song he mentions the phrase “it’s gonna be alright”, he believed in the idea that God would take care of human

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